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welcome on the website planes-international.com, which started in summer 2006 as a merger between "Flugverkehr Group" and "Stephan's Airlinerhomepage". New contributors help us to serve with more photos and more actual informations. In 2014 we developed a new viewing spots map to help you to find viewing spots more comfortable.

As our team is always on the way worldwide, it is very complex to get all members on one photo.

Contributors of this website are: 

HACKL Martin

... was born in November 1981and got in touch with civil aviation for the first time about 10 years later - his first flight with German Wings and the first photographs of Jumbo Jet "D-ABYB" at Dusseldorf Airport. Since this day he visited many European airports and is always hunting 3-holers and special colour schemes. After finishing his O-levels he started his
apprenticeship to become a technican at Lufthansa Technik. Then he went back to school and did his advanced techincal certificate. He started working with Eurocopter for the NH90-Helicopter program. Today he is working for Augsburg Airways at Munich Airport. That aviation doesn't become boring, he spends the rest of his free time in the mountains walking, hiking and skiing. So he gains enough motivation for his work and spotting.   

internationalism always attracted his interest. Since 1984, still going to school, he went to the airport Munich - Riem to enjoy the international flair. Due to his relations he always considered Munich and Salzburg as his homebases. First he just walked aroud the public arease and collected timetable brochures and other publications of airlines. But already in 1985 he met some spotters and since this meeting he went to the perimeter fences with a borrowed camera. It took until 1992 when he could really start spotting at a professional level, as he then could afford buying his own SLR - camera with the appropriate zoom lens. This was possible after finishing his advanced techincal certificate. At this time the new Munich Airport near Erding opened its doors. Up to now spotting is the ideal compensation for his seated office job, because he can move in the fresh air and live his creativity taking photographs. Furthermore he enjoys having international contacts, gaining through spotting. He also likes traveling to learn about countries, its people, cities, architecture and airports. He likes going in the mountains doing some walking and skiing.

Ruediger's flight memory can be found here !  

... was born in july 1977. Since beeing two years old (when he was taken to the airport by his father), he is under a spell of aviation until today. Beeing 8 years old he already he grabed at a camera a few times. He's an active aviation photographer sinc about 1992. His photos are published in some aviation books and magazines. As an occupation he is an sawyer and junior CEO of his dad's sawmill. In his free time beside going to Salzburg Airport he enjoys traveling and does sports like hiking, skiing, cycling or playing football. Especially in the mountains he cathches special moments with his camera. He also likes stiking 1:144 / 1:200 scale model kits together and has an interest in astronomy and historical wooden architecture

OSTERER Christian
... was born in Graz in 1985. He moved to Salzburg with his family and sister in 1989. While he went to secondary school he began taking photographs of aircrafts. This acitivity soon became one of his hobbies, which also include playing football, swimming and travelling. In summer 2004 he went back to Graz to study engineering / traffic technics at the local polytechnic univeristy



OSTERER Stefanie 
... was born in Graz in 1988 and lives in Salzburg since 1989. She went to school at the local secundary school. She did her A-levels in 2006 and studies now law at the university of Salzburg. Since 2002 spotting is one of her biggest passions. In the meantime she doesn't just photograph aircrafts, but also some other objects that "go lost" in front of her lens. She is also fascinated of creativity in photography. Beside spotting she likes travelling, beeing creative (like painting), doing sports and much more. 


... was delivered in August 1978. His first flight took place already two years later, on board a Tarom BAC 1-11. Unfortunately all his memories on this highlight got lost... Thanks to his parents he boarded many different passenger aircarfts beeing a young boy (like Caravelle, DC-9-30, CN-235). As every young boy in the kindergarten age need a hobby, taht deals with noisy machines, he chose aviation. Later he graduated from a technical school for aviation in Eisenstadt and applied for a job as a pilot with Austrian Airlines, after beeing in the army. Surprisingly he made the multistage selection and since 2000 he sits in the cockpit of an Airbus A320. Contrary to some diabolic voices his assignment in the aviation business didn't stop his private interest. Quite the opposite took place, it became even worse. Since 2005 he is a spotter using its Canon EOS 20D camera.

Besides aviation there's still something more important for him: His family! His wife Ninis and their kids Florian (born 2003) and Jessica (born 2006).


... was born in April 1983. From early childhood on he is interested in civil aviation and closely linked with Salzburg Airport. Since 2000 he is an active aviation photographer. His shots are appear in publications of Salzburg Airport and other renowned international publications. After he graduated from university with a degree in business administration (focuses on econimic geography and marketing / research focus Salzburg Airport and aviation in the middle east) and terminated his employment with the press department of Salzburg Airport, he is now manager for regulatory affairs with Condor. His interest in aviation is beside photography the developments of the various traffic segments, airport architecture and the accelerated development in Asia. In his leisure time he also collects selected diecast aircarfts in 1:500 scale. Beside aviation, Stephan loves travelling and is interested in contemporary history, Asia and postmodern architecture. 

Stephan's flight memory can be found here !
Additonally our friends show their photos sporadic from around the world:





(Manchester, UK)




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