Freighters at Vienna
René Posch, 01/12/2006 had the chance to visit two of the biggest freighters, a Boeing 747-400F of Korean Air Cargo and an Antonov An-124 of Antonov Design Bureau, at the end of November 2006.

The giant cargo space with a lenght of about 35m.

 Cockpit of Antonov An-124

Antonov An-124
After the develpoment as the biggest aircraft, the Antonov An-124 took off for its first flight on 26th December 1982. It is similar to the American Lockheed C-5 "Galaxy", with the difference to carry more than 120 to of cargo, which made the Antonov An-124 to the world's largest aircraft till sistership An-225 "Myria" took off in 1989.
The An-124 is powered by four Lotarew engines and has an range of around 5000km when fully loaded.
Lenght 69,10 m max. take-off load

392 to

Wingspan 73,30 m max. take-off speed 865 km/h
Height 20,78 m Crew 6

In 2005 the manufacturer decided to produce another 15 Antonov An-124 with modern electronics and more efficient engines to sell them for civil cargo transport. The biggest fleets of Antonov An-124 have Antonov Design Bureau, Volga Dnepr and Polet Airlines, whereby 56 aircraft of this type where produced till 2004.
The photos show An-124 UR-82073 of Antonov Design Bureau. The aircraft was built in 1994 and is based in Kiev- Gostomel. On 29th November 2006 it found its way to Vienna Airport.

Boeing 747-400 Freighter


'The Boeing 747-400 Freighter has its cockpit in the upper deck, which is shortened in comparison the the passenger version.
Since its first flight in 1993 the Boeing 747-400F was sold more than 100 times.

Korean Air Cargo uses 18 aircraft of this type and operates from its hub Incheon (South Korea) regularly flights to many European cities, such as Vienna.


Korean Air Cargo brings the Boeing 747-400 Freighter
several times to Vienna


The cockpit of the Boeing 747-400F